Accounting network leaps into top 30 in Australia

Accounting network leaps into top 30 in Australia

“We expanded network membership by more than 50 percent over the year,” he said. “The members have also achieved organic growth averaging more than nine percent over that time.”

Walker Wayland Australasia is represented in every mainland State of Australia and has three members in New Zealand. The New Zealand firms’ revenues were not included in the BRW total.

Mr Allsopp said the network undertook a restructure in late 2010 that had resulted in rapid expansion in the 2011-12 year.

“We now have two levels of membership,” he explained. “This has allowed regional and specialist ‘boutique’ firms in Australia and New Zealand to join and reap the benefits of the network.”

He said that Walker Wayland differs from most other accounting networks as its structure has a primary objective for members to share information, skills and resources.

“Other networks are organised primarily for business referral,” he said.

“Sharing means that we can better serve our clients,” said Mr Allsopp. “Each client of a Walker Wayland member now has the combined experience and wisdom of more than 50 partners. This means that every industry in Australia and New Zealand is represented by at least one partner with specialist skills and knowledge.

“As well as tax, audit, business advisory and superannuation, we have been able to set up specialist product areas in Health and Climate Change to assist our clients,” he said

Walker Wayland Australasia has members in every mainland capital of Australia as well as in Auckland, Wellington and Hamilton in New Zealand.

Following the restructure, firms in Orange, Sydney and Eden/Bega in New South Wales, in Toowoomba, Queensland and in Canberra have joined the network.

Mr Allsopp said that Walker Wayland Australasia has an aggressive plan for continuing growth.

“We are particularly targeting the corridor between Sydney and Brisbane as well as the south island of New Zealand,” he said.

For more information about Walker Wayland Australasia, go to the Web site, or call Chairman Grant Allsopp on +61 2 9951 5400.