Everybody Counts

Everybody Counts

Everybody Counts is a community based initiative of Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

Its aims are to encourage Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand staff involvement in the local community by supporting charities through volunteering, workplace giving and offering skills pro bono at a national and local level.

Our relationship

We are the first chartered accounting firm in Australia to pilot the Everybody Counts Program. We were invited to pilot the program in a move to take the concept into the wider accountancy community.

Cameron Stone and Peter MacLean are managing the pilot program and can be contacted for more information.

Everbody Counts program services

The Everybody Counts program involves a number of charity partners including Alzheimer’s Australia, RSPCA and Inspire.

Two additional charity partners joined the program in 2008, Sane Australia and The Smith Family and Redkite and The National Breast Cancer Foundation joined the program in 2010..

Since launching Everybody Counts, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand has raised $50,000 for its charity partners.

Clients interested in considering a similar program for their business are invited to contact Cameron.

Everybody Counts



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