The Fay Nash Walker Wayland Scholarship

The Fay Nash Walker Wayland Scholarship

Fay Nash - Walker Wayland Scholardship

Fay Nash joined the firm Walker Garriety on 28 November 1966 when she started working for Mr. John Walker the senior Insolvency Partner. Fay was about 51 when she started working, a time when most women of her age were looking forward to retirement.

When Fay started, the office was located in Phillip Street Sydney and then moved to Level 1, 109 Pitt Street. The firm was at Pitt Street for about 20 years until 14 June 1988. On this day the office relocated and Fay decided at the age of 72, it was time to retire.

Fay was always very formal and “in company” referring to John Walker as Mr. Walker however in the office she always referred to him as “the Boss” and the whole office knew who she was talking about. Fay held John in high regard and had a respect for his professionalism and humanity which was reciprocated. He encouraged her to save and provide financially for her future.

Fay enjoyed the work with the firm so much she decided she wanted to be an Accountant and enrolled at the local Technical College to study accountancy. When she had nearly finished the course she was informed that if she wanted to become a Chartered Accountant should would have to do another six years part time at university. Fay considered that was too much at her stage in life and accordingly could not follow this dream.

Fay did not marry nor did she have any relatives but she always considered the Partners of the firm her family, taking great interest in all the children of the Partners and the employees. Even after retirement she attended the Office Christmas party every year until the age of 92. It was something that she always looked forward to.

As a result of not having any family, Fay and John Walker had many discussions as to how she would like her Estate to be dealt with. Fay decided that she would like to endow a scholarship for a girl to study at University and become a Chartered Accountant – her dream that could not be fulfilled but a dream to help a girl to do what she could not do.

After making the decision to set up the Scholarship, Fay was diligent in her savings and investments to ensure that there was adequate funding for the Scholarship. Despite urging by various members of the firm for Fay to travel overseas and spend some money on herself, she always declined to ensure that the Scholarship funds were secure. Fay continued monitoring and looking after her investments up to the age of 92 when she became ill and could not continue.

Fay died of cancer on 10 February 2009.

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