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Key Tax and Superannuation Changes in 2013

Several changes to tax and superannuation legislation have been put forward over the year, with many coming into effect at different dates over the 2013 calendar year. We run through the key changes to keep an eye on.

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Death Benefits: Tax Exemption win for Super Funds

In a win for SMSF members taking a pension from their fund, the government’s Mid-year Economic and Fiscal Outlook review announced that the tax exemption on investment earnings that support a pension can continue to apply even after the death of a member.

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Small Business CGT concessions explained

Small business plays a central role in Australia’s economic fortunes — so much so that the government has seen fit to give smaller enterprises a break on a range of tax considerations, including specific concessions for capital gains tax. Make sure you qualify — and if you do, make sure you don’t miss out.

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Tax and your Business’s Website Cost

Having an online presence can be essential for many businesses, especially as nowadays most consumers hit the keyboard first when looking for services or supplies. But the proper tax treatment of the expenditure in setting up and then running a website require careful consideration.
With the SMSF annual tax return deadline looming (it’s October 31), we run over all the information and requirements generally expected from trustees. As well, there are some new obligations SMSF trustees will need to cover.

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Tax Returns and the Taxman

More than 70% of individual taxpayers, and 95% of businesses, call on a tax professional to prepare their tax returns, making Australians among the world’s highest users of tax agent services. But to get the most out of a tax professional – to help them help you – some basic records and documents are essential. We run through the information required that may help your tax agent put you in a better tax position, and also look at the areas we know the Tax Office will be paying close attention to this tax time.

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Medical Expenses: What you can claim?

With bricks and mortar continuing to be the investment of choice for a great many Australians, we run through the claims you can and can’t make for rental property this tax time. But if you are investing via an SMSF, borrowing for an investment must follow certain strict rules. We explain the regulations, which have recently been updated and clarified.

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New contractor tax reporting requirements

A Change to the reporting requirements for businesses in the building and construction sector is about to become a reality from June 1, 2012. The new ‘Taxable Payments Report’ will require operators to report on certain payments made to contractors. The Tax Office says data from the Taxable Payments Report will improve compliance and detect contractors who have either not lodged returns or not included all of their income.

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