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We are all familiar with the purpose of a signature however with the constant development of technology observed over the past few years – things have dramatically advanced. 

We have experienced a shift away from hard copy and physical documents sent with ‘snail mail’, toward electronic documents shared via email, cloud-based software and online sharing services.
But the ease of electronic document usage presented us with a unique problem – how do we get the recipient to sign it? 

Don’t fear however, as you may or may not be aware, there is now the ability to use electronic and digital signatures to avoid any issues and keep the document in soft copy form.

In fact, the E-Signature sector is booming – now on track to be worth an excess of $5 billion by the decades end according to DocuSign CMO Dustin Grosse (1)

Despite its growing popularity and use – the concept can be confusing and complex to understand so here is what you need to know.

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With the emergence of new technology every year it’s important for businesses of every size to adopt it as an integral part of their strategy and budget. Integrations between business processes and technology is no longer a luxury but a requirement to stay ahead of the curve and beat competition to have the most lean and efficient processes to increase that bottom line revenue.

According to a research piece by Gartner, organisations are facing immense competition on a local and global scale. To remain competitive and improve their bottom line, businesses are urged to turn to process improvement through ‘Business Process Management’ Automation (BPM).

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We are already half way through the first quarter of 2019, and if you have not already, now is a great time to consider exploring planning oppurtunities for either your business or personal tax affairs. Assessing the shape of your business before year end can offer various benefits and improved financial outcomes year end. Strategic planning of key financial situations ensures there are no surprises come end of year. 

What do we mean by planning?

Essentially it is the process of proactively analysing the financial situation of the current year and developing the strategies ensure you are maximising the claims your business is entitled to.

It is recommended that this review activity is completed either in the middle or towards the end of the financial year, this allows you enough time to develop and implement new strategies. For example, an estimated tax obligation based on the current and projected business performance can then be forecasted and aligned with stakeholders. Knowing your future obligations is critical to managing cash flow planning for the year ahead.

It is important to note that this process is not limited to only complex structures and/or larger corporations. Taxpayers contemplating even the most ordinary transactions should thoroughly consider tax review and the consequences to ensure that they do not suffer adverse tax outcomes, below are a few key reasons as to why you should consider and implement planning tax activity for your business.

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The Australian Securities & Investments Commission (“ASIC”) has announced that, from November 2018, all trading names, including the trading name listed against an ABN will be removed from ABN Lookup. Registered business names will continue to be listed on ABN Lookup.
A grace period has been in effect to allow businesses time to transition over to the new business name register.

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Single tOuch Checklist image

Single Touch Payroll comes into play from 1st July 2018 – Follow our checklist to make sure your business is prepared! 

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