Spotlight: Smooth Operating Vets and VEtx

Spotlight: Smooth Operating Vets and VEtx

Walker Wayland Services has been working alongside Dr Jocelyn Birch Baker of Smooth Operating Vets and Trevor Marchant from Marchant Dallas Consulting as part of a joint venture VEtx. We wish to congratulate Dr Birch Baker on recently winning the Australian Veterinary Association’s Veterinary Business Group’s award Veterinary Business Thought Leader 2022 and highlight the interesting work we have been doing in this space!

Dr Birch Baker is a successful Veterinarian and practice owner who is a partner in a veterinary practice and operates a business called Smooth Operating Vets. Smooth Operating Vets assists other Vets and practice owners, particularly women, who dominate 97% of the industry, providing advice in managing the unique issues that exist in the space.

Dr Birch Baker said she was very honoured to receive the award, given to individuals that have challenged the status quo, stimulated industry debate or become forces for change in response to challenges facing the veterinary profession.

“As the founder of Smooth Operating Vets, I reach out and help practice owners understand what it is like for vet women and vet mums. The recognition of my story and many other vet women’s stories, tells me that we as vet women and vet mums are finally being listened to, I also hope that I am a force for change in response to the challenges facing the veterinary business.” said Dr Birch

Dr Birch Baker plans to continue her advocacy work, speaking on podcasts, in webinars and at conferences, about necessary changes to the veterinary profession moving forward.

Congratulations to Jocelyn on well-deserved recognition continuing contribution to her profession!