The upcoming Easter weekend brings a valuable and much-needed opportunity for us all to take a real break and enjoy time with family and friends, the outdoors, and the visit from a chocolate-bearing rabbit.

Taking a break isn’t just important, it’s crucial. Our bodies and minds are designed for short bursts of stress so give yourself a few days to relax, de-stress and recharge.

This Easter:

Be very intentional about taking a break.
Although you may see this as an opportunity to catch up on work without the ongoing, you need to tell yourself that you deserve a break and it’s the right thing to do. Being intentional will help achieve some well-earned rest.

Plan some fun
For most of us, planning may not be the first thing that strikes us as fun and relaxing.
This Easter, try plan something fun and enjoyable like a small getaway, catching up with family and friends, day trips to waterfalls or walking tracks.

Step away from the keyboard.
When is the last time you took a step away from the keyboard and had a full day of not doing or thinking about work? The upcoming break may be seen by many as an opportunity to catch up on emails and banked up work to try and get ahead for the next week. But why? Trust me, the work will still be there once you come back. You will be sharper and more productive after taking some much needed down time to recharge. It is understandable that some work may require urgent attention and by not completing it, it will hang over you and stress you out further. If that is the case, be very intentional and set aside a small amount of time (i.e. 2hrs on Friday) to complete the urgent matters – make sure you are strict on yourself and stick to that timeframe.

Put your devices down.
The more time we spend on our devices whether its work related or just scrolling through social media and the news, it causes more problems for our mental and physical wellbeing.
Every time we pick up a device, we are bombarded with endless information which our brain must filter, make sense of and store. This Easter, put your devices down for a few days, lock them in a cupboard for a few hours if you need to. Don’t be afraid to put your out-of-office message on which will feed into you being intentional about your rest and enjoy a much needed 4-day break.

Get outside and enjoy nature.
Everyone knows that being in nature has such a positive impact on our minds and bodies, it helps by reducing stress, heart rates, muscle tension and overall wellbeing. So, get out and enjoy the sun and soak up the much needed vitamin D. Whether it’s a walk along the beach (or a swim for the brave ones), relaxing in a park or playing some sport with some mates/family, get out and enjoy the present.

From everyone at Walker Wayland, we wish you a happy, safe, and relaxing Easter break!!!