Australia and New Zealand are playing host to the 2023 FIFA Women’s Soccer World Cup being the 9th tournament in the competition’s 32 year history.

Games will be played across both host nations from the 20th July 2023 to 20th August 2023 where 32 countries have come together to play in 64 matches – the most matches ever to be played in the competitions history. The current title holders, USA, are favourites to go back-to-back and win the 2023 title while the Matildas (Australia) sit in a competitive position of 5th favourite.

In the early stages of the tournament, history is already being made!

It has recently been announced that the 2023 tournament has made history for setting a new benchmark for ticket sales. With most games proving to be a sellout and much higher than average match attendance (up by 72% on the average attendance from the 2019 tournament), it’s no surprise that the host nations have shown their love for sport with more than 1.5million tickets being sold.

The new milestone is a ringing endorsement for the way the host nations have embraced the first ever senior FIFA tournament (for both men’s and women’s) in this part of the world. All group stage matches for the Matildas have been sold out for months prior to the tournament while tickets to other matches also being in high demand.

Football Australia’s chief executive James Johnson has come out and said “This heightened interest in our national iconic brands is also reflected in record Matildas merchandise sales online and in retail stores. These numbers reflect the growing strength and appeal of the women’s game, particularly the Matildas, and it’s a testament to the incredible athletes who are providing us with such thrilling football.
The Australian public has demonstrated how much they love the game and the Matildas and have come out in numbers at all matches across the country, and we thank them for their exceptional support.”

The success of the FIFA Women’s World Cup will provide a pathway and further boost the ambitions and chances of Australia and New Zealand to play host once again for future FIFA tournaments.